When Should I Test?

A common problem we see here at AMT-Testing, is applicants who have gone through school, and then delay several years before testing. This is a big mistake!

The reality is that a person’s knowledge will not improve over time without concerted effort. And, frankly, life just gets busy … too busy to spend the time necessary.

So, graduates who think they will take a couple of months to get “better prepared” usually take a lot longer than they think, and generally end up less prepared, rather than more.

Some, realizing that they are never going to pull it together by themselves after too much time has passed, choose to go to a “Test Prep” course. Sure, that may help, but is paying someone to teach you what you already once learned the best use of your money?

The solution to this is twofold:

  1. First, learn as much as you can in school, don’t waste your time and money! Show up, on time, every day. Give it your best on all projects and tests. Use the school’s resources (instructors, equipment, tools, etc.) as much as you can.
  2. After graduation (or even before), hit the books for a maximum of a week or two. Then do the writtens, and go for the O&P as soon as you practically can.

Your chances for success will be greatly improved if you do these things!

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