As with anything aviation-related, testing requires a certain amount of paperwork. Here is a list of the minimum paperwork required to be presented to the examiner before testing begins.

  1. A Government-issued photo ID must be presented to the examiner. For International applicants, this document must be a valid passport.
  2. Two original completed copies of FAA form 8610-2. If applying based on civilian or military experience, these must be signed by an FAA Inspector.
  3. Graduation certificates for applicants testing on the basis of Part 147 training.
  4. Current (less than 24 months old) written test results for applicable ratings.
  5. A completed “Pilot’s Bill of Rights” (may be provided by the examiner).
  6. If previously failed, the previous 8610-2 form(s) must be presented. If the failure was within the last 30 days, a retraining certification signed by a certified mechanic must be included as well.
  7. Current mechanic certificate (if the applicant already holds a certificate with one rating).
  8. Payment, as agreed-upon by the examiner.

Failure to provide these documents will likely result in delay or cancellation of the test. Other documents may be additionally required, depending on the applicant’s exact circumstances. When in doubt, contact your examiner.

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