AMT Testing Services is based at Felts Field in Spokane, Washington. We offer Oral and Practical (O&P) testing for AMTs (Aviation Maintenance Technicians) seeking Mechanic certification from the FAA. Our applicants come from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Canada, and beyond.

The FAA Designated Mechanic Examiners (DMEs) represented by this site are Greg Heller and Randy Gromlich. (You may verify our status as examiners on the FAA Designee website.)

We take our responsibility as DMEs seriously. This means that when you test with us, it is more than a formality, you will get a real test. At the same time, we promise to treat you fairly and equitably.

Knowing that most applicants are just getting started in their chosen field, we keep our test costs as reasonable as we can. Our prices are $120 per practical section, and $60 per oral section. This means the General test costs $180, and the Airframe and Powerplant tests are $360 each. The complete Oral and Practical test for mechanic certification therefore costs $900.

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